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What is Sexual Assault?

The term "sexual assault" refers to non-consensual sexual activity or behavior that takes place without the subject's explicit consent. Some types of non-consensual sexual activity include: sexual touching or fondling without the subject's consent. It is also possible for a stranger to assault a subject without the subject's consent. In any of these cases, the subject is liable for assault because of a lack of consent to sexual activity.

Sexual assault can occur on many different levels and can have serious consequences for both the victim and the alleged assailant. A person who has experienced assault has the right to file a claim against his or her attacker to be compensated for the damage to his or her health and/or emotional well-being that can result from the assault. These claims are brought in different forms, such as sexual assault attorney referrals. Depending upon the state, you can choose from one of the following forms of compensation:

Sexual battery is another form of assault that has no victim's consent and is brought about by a sexual act that did not comply with the subject's expressed consent to that act. If a sexual act was unwanted or coerced, it could constitute sexual battery. This type of claim is often brought against those who engage in sexual relationships and those who encourage or coerce a sexual partner to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior.

The right to file a claim of sexual assault may also depend upon the jurisdiction where the act occurred. Many jurisdictions offer some type of claim for this crime. Many states require a sexual offender register that provides victims with a record of convicted offenders in the same community.

Many people do not know the right to seek compensation when they experience assault. Because of this, it may take several years or even a few decades before the subject is compensated. It is also important for the victim to seek legal counsel and representation to help him or her to pursue a claim. This will allow the victim to make sure that his or her claim is well founded, and that the defendant is liable for the alleged sexual act.

Legal assistance with a claim of sexual assault may be obtained through a sex crimes attorney referrals. A skilled attorney will assist the victim in collecting the facts of the case and prepare the necessary paperwork and exhibits for the claim.

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